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Kovach Marketing Introduces Shea 3D

Kovach Marketing Introduces Shea 3D

Call it the ultimate in buyer engagement, because that’s what it is. Shea Homes’ new Shea 3D design innovation, now being showcased at Ventana in Esencia, changes the way homebuyers see their future. Buyers not only select their floorplan, they also select the configuration of its primary living areas to focus on kitchen-centric, entertainment-centric or outdoor-centric design. Home shoppers can access the app by scanning a QR code on-site and watch their phone or tablet screen to see the room transform around them.

Presentation of this evolutionary concept took a multi-layered approach that included education, demonstration and visualization. Kovach Marketing combined the three layers in a diverse set of marketing tools, each with its own function, and all unified to the overall Shea 3D core message. These tools included brochures, website presentations, a smart phone app, model home displays, and public relations efforts.

“Home buyers don’t expect to be able to do what Shea 3D lets them do,” said Dana Kovach. “As they encounter the different demonstrations of how Shea 3D works, and how it benefits them, they become aware that they’ve got a unique opportunity to shape their home according to their personal tastes and preferences. Giving them the best tools to understand and appreciate their opportunity brings buyer engagement to a exciting new level.”

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