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The Shea Wall of History Project

The Shea Wall of History Project

Kovach Marketing recently had the honor of designing “The Shea Wall of History” for the company’s new Southern California Division office in Irvine, CA. Deservedly, Shea Homes takes great pride in their extensive history, their people, and their homes. They value honesty, integrity, teamwork, respect for the individual, and a competitive spirit. These core values have been at the root of the family over a long history of literally building America. Since 1881, the Shea family has been behind some of the largest work projects in our nation’s history, including the Hoover Dam and Golden Gate Bridge, as well as the beautiful residential communities, retail centers, and commercial properties you see today.

“Shea’s rich history tells a wonderful story and we are very excited to have been included in illuminating that story,” said Dana Kovach. “We have the greatest admiration for Shea Homes and have had the privilege to be a marketing partner of the company for over 25 years.”

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