Market Strategy

Based on our daily experience, we bring our clients a complete perspective of current trends, effective tools, and timely execution. Areas of strategy development and consultation range from evaluation of current marketing trends and media opportunities to specific communication plans.


Market Research

Kovach Marketing is founded on the strength and importance of market research. It guides businesses on the best possible path to achieve desired results, which is why we advocate its use whenever possible. Research can take on the form of customer focus groups, competitive analysis and evaluation, and we supervise, coordinate and evaluate each undertaking.


Media Planning

Marketing programs developed under the direction of Kovach Marketing are evaluated not only in terms of their message but also where they will live in the vast media landscape. Each Account Executive is a proven Media Strategist who understands the effectiveness of mediums available, the roles they play in the marketing mix and the responses to be expected. Kovach Marketing strategically crafts yearly media plans, evaluates metrics on a monthly basis, and modifies marketing solutions as needed to achieve maximum effectiveness for every dollar spent.


Online Marketing Solutions

Website design; social media marketing; email campaigns; mobile marketing; and content marketing. All are viable components in the marketing spectrum. Kovach Marketing works with you to identify appropriate mediums to achieve an integrated and cohesive marketing mix. 


Video Marketing

Video has become one of the primary mediums of choice when delivering relevant, timely messages and often finds its way into e-communications. Kovach Marketing provides full service video capabilities:

  • Creative brief
  • Storyboard 
  • Script Development & Voiceover Talent
  • 2D/3D Animation & Live Action 
  • Post Production

Outdoor Marketing

First Impressions are lasting.  When billboards, mobile billboards, human directionals or aerial advertising are part of the plan, Kovach Marketing designs and coordinates the appropriate resources to facilitate execution. 



Kovach Marketing designs and implements communication strategies in the form of print, broadcast, outdoor and direct mail campaigns. The campaigns begin with a thorough understanding of the customers’ attitudes and appropriate media, transitioning to the creative message development. Upon implementation of the campaigns, constant monitoring is employed to determine effectiveness followed up by modifications as needed. 


Public Relations &            Social Media

Public Relations is managed through traditional channels and Social Media Platforms.  It can take on many forms, from press releases to announcements, testimonials and community events. Kovach Marketing maintains excellent working relationships with the media in order to benefit our clients and travels through social media channels daily. When working developing all messages, we thoroughly research the topic, develop and obtain client approval prior to submission. Community events are conceptualized, researched and budgeted for client approval with the sole intent of presenting the client in a positive light.


On-site Special Events/Programs/Symposiums

When appropriate, Kovach Marketing will recommend on-site events designed to reach target audiences. The subject of the event is tailored to the needs of the audience and provides a source of information. Kovach Marketing supervises and coordinates all the details on behalf of the client to ensure a successful outcome and to not burden the client with unnecessary details. 

Be Inspired.

Sometimes, it takes fresh eyes to deliver new insights. Come to us with your business goals and objectives, and we'll breathe new life into your marketing.

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